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"SicilyShop" was born from an evident consideration: the world of remote technology is growing more and more, clearly taking the place of many obsolete traditional realities on all fields of social, economic and relational.

Online sales are seeing their consensus grow, conquering a considerable part of the current economic market, also (and above all) for the speed and simplicity in reaching every part of the world in a short time with a simple "click".

The tragic experience of COVID-19 has given further acceleration to this process which affects all fields.

Our project intends to export "Sicilianity" everywhere in Italy, in Europe and in the world, selling Made in Sicily productions of typical agri-food products and typical and quality artisan creations.


We will feel satisfied when, although in our own small way, we know we are part of a gear that enhances our beautiful land: Sicily. When our virtual store has reached satisfied customers with Made in Sicily purchases, then we can consider our project successful. When the craftsmen and creatives of our land can proudly enhance and sell their unique and characteristic creations, then we can consider our project successful.

When the exclusive agri-food products of Sicily can, also through us, find a place of importance in the homes of Italians and foreigners everywhere in the world, then we can consider our project successful.

A goal that, with ambition, will never find enough fulfillment and total achievement, but which, with great humility, could be defined as achieved even when a piece, albeit a minimum of our Sicily, will be made known elsewhere. That will be ours, and yours, satisfaction!

W Sicily and the beauty of its products.


If you are a craftsman or a creative and want to put in our showcase and thus sell your handmade creations, contact us!

If you are a producer of typical agri-food products and you want to use our e-commerce channel to sell your products, contact us!

Together for Sicily, for the enhancement of a splendid land, with exclusive and characteristic products, sought after all over the world!


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