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Collection: Typical agri-food products

A selection of typical agri-food products chosen for you!

You will find many of the most appreciated and exported Made in Sicily specialties in the world, and which you can now buy with a click!

From sweets to liqueurs, from chocolate to pesto, from beer to honey.

Choose and buy easily and safely.

163 products
  • Amaro dell'Etna
  • Amaro dell'Isola
  • Amaro della Rocca
  • Amaro della Rocca all'Arancia
  • Amaro siciliano "Trinacria"
  • Arance siciliane
  • Aranciata Siciliana
  • Arancini siciliani
  • Biscotti "buccellati"
  • Biscotti alle mandorle
  • Biscotti dessert misti
  • Biscotti foglie da tè
  • Biscotti Regina
  • Bottarga di tonno
  • Brioche alla catanese
  • Cannoli Siciliani - kit